Banana and Almond Muffins

I always find that after lunch I need something sweet. I used to reach for a cereal bar or something else that was packed full of sugar and not much else but alongside so many others now I am trying to reduce my intake of refined sugars and so I had to look for alternatives…

Caramel Peanut Brownies

Let’s be honest, this time of year can be a bit depressing at times. The weather is cold and rainy (or at least it is if you live in England) and there are no chirpy songs promising warm nights with mulled wine and mince pies. As the New Year Blues set in Spring seems a…

Chocolate Orange Cookies

Where did January go?

Can we just address this for a moment? Somehow in less than a blink of an eye an entire month seems to have passed by and I for one am not sure that I am OK with that!

Apple Marzipan Pie

In many aspects of my life, in fact, in most aspects of my life I am organised. There are folders, colour coding systems, lists, timetables, checkboxes, labels…essentially my room looks like a Paperchase shop but is that a bad thing? Really?

Crackers for Cheese

At this time of year cheese becomes a staple in the diet. With lots of meals featuring leftovers cheese is used to top up stomachs and their faithful assistant? The humble cracker. Most of the time these are chucked into the trolley on a mad dash around a supermarket with hundreds of other people have…

Cranberry Red Velvet Cupcakes

Welcome to Blogmas Day 7/8 😄  We are just going to ignore that these two days have blurred into one 😉 Does anyone else have Christmas traditions that it would be a crime to break? Today my dad was doing the shopping for the big week of the year in which we somehow seem to…

Cranberry and Walnut Cookies

Welcome to Blogmas Day 6!! (Half way!!!!!) At no other time other than Christmas is the nutcracker used in our household. At Christmas it makes an appearance to valiantly fight through the shells of walnuts and allow us into the goodness waiting within. For that reason, and no other, I shall always associate the sight…

Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas!!!

For me fruit cake is not my best friend. Maybe it’s the strength of the flavours, the textures or the alcohol but something about the combination isn’t something that my taste buds agree with. Because of this I am always looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas Cake.

Mincemeat Scones

Welcome to Blogmas Day 4!!!
If you are anything like me scones drum up memories of summer days spent having picnics surrounding by family members drenched in sunshine, even if this poorly reflects the reality of my dad chasing after the dog who is attempting to chase a squirrel and someone else knocking over the picnic table whilst the water is split all over the picnic blanket….

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3!!!

I’m not late, not late at all!! OK, maybe I’m a few minutes late 😀

Today has been hetic to say the least! Does everyone else leave all of their Christmas preparations until the last minute or is it just our family?